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Are all of your pops vegan? What about Gluten-free? Nut-free?

Yes! All of our pops are 100% vegan, gluten-free, and yes nut-free too!

You might as well tell me your allergen statement...

Smooth Pops are made with real whole fruit, filtered water and organic cane sugar and nothing else. We are proudly free of all eight of the major food allergens (egg, fish, milk, peanuts, shellfish, so, tree nuts and wheat). Also, we do not produce in a facility or equipment that processes any of the eight major food allergens. 

How many calories are in a pop?  

Guess what!Each Smooth Pop is only 25-40 calories for the whole pop - Yay! Most low-calorie snacks average 80-120 calories so, go head, have another... or two. 

Can I really have a Smooth Pop for breakfast? 

You absolutely can - It's real fruit!  We don't use any juices or concentrates, so you're getting real fresh whole fruit blended like a smoothie but frozen in a freezer pop. Not only will you be getting your fruits in for the day, but you'll get a good source of natural energy, nutrients, vitamins and minerals and of course fiber. Check out some of the nutrition in most breakfast cereals or to-go bars - Yikes!! You're better off getting your daily fruits and fibers and starting your day off right with a POP!

Why do you add sugar?

We use only a hint of raw organic cane sugar which actually acts as a natural preservative when mixed with our fresh squeezed citrus while also enhancing the natural flavors of the fruit smoothie blends. Most of the sugar contained in our pops come from the sweet ripe fruits themselves. 

What's the difference between regular and organic sugar?

The difference between organic cane sugar and white table sugar is that

1. White table sugar is highly processed and refined using chemicals in each step, which means that it hits your blood steam quicker (not good). It is also a GMO product, and is also derived from either sugar canes or beets in fields that utilize chemical pesticides and herbicides, which of course you cannot wash off or treat.  

2. Organic Cane sugar is only derived from fields which use only natural fertilizers and are strictly regulated on the farming practices in accordance with the USDA. Also, raw organic cane sugar actually consists of healthy vitamins and enzymes that our bodies prefer to digest. It also has half the gylcemic impact of white sugar, which means that it gets absorbs into the body way more slowly (a good thing). 

Do your pops come frozen or do I have to freeze them myself?

Our pops are not shelf-stable and are always kept frozen because they are always made 100% FRESH. We never use any preservatives, additives, stabilizers or gums. We use fresh squeezed citrus and raw organic cane sugar as a natural preservative - because really, have you ever heard of any one biting into a juicy guar gum? And that's why all of our ingredients are simple, recognizable, and even in picture form. 

How long will they last in my freezer? 

Not long - they taste that good! But if they some how get past a few days in there, there is a 'best used by' date on every package, which is typically 12 months from when it was produced. 

So how will I receive my online order? 

We ship our freezer pops in coolers with about 6 lbs of dry ice wrapped in compostable paper. Dry ice is very cold! Colder than your freezer, -109.3 degrees Fahrenheit to be exact and can easily give you freezer burn, so DO NOT HANDLE WITH BARE HANDS! Dispose of immediately and enjoy your Smooth Pops!

What's your shipping schedule? 

All of our pops are made fresh - in fact when you place an order the fruit in your pops were freshly blended within that week. We ship all orders on Wednesday by 3 pm EST. Your order will take 1-3 business days to receive. 

Where do you ship to? 

To all 48 continental states in the U.S. only. 

I want to buy Smooth Pops at my local grocery store, how can I get them here? 

Yay!  Download this letter and give it to your store manager. Then have a sit-in at the store until its stocked in the freezer... Just kidding! The manager will take it from there - and next thing you know, boom! Smooth Pops at the store all because of you.  

I am a retailer and I'd like to stock Smooth Pops in my store, how can I order wholesale? 

Yay! Your customers are going to love em! Just fill out the contact form so we can get more information. 

I'm having an event, do you cater? 

We absolutely do! We can work out wholesale pricing for your event, and if you want us part of your celebration or corporate event we have the coolest vintage pop cart that really makes your experience POP! Contact us here so we can get more information. 

I thought of some really cool blends you should try, can I suggest them to you?

Yum! We love fresh ideas. Tell us about your tastiest blends here

I have another question that you didn't answer here... 

Oops! Let's get that answered. You can reach out with any questions or concerns through our contact page or on our little chat button to the bottom right. 

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