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Our Story

     I was inspired to create an all-natural fruit pop after mistakenly giving my son a Fla Vor Ice freezer pop when he was 6 months old, until I looked at the ingredients and found that it was made of sugar water, dyes and a whole lot of artificial stuff I couldn't pronounce.


     I searched to find an all-natural solution, but only came up with popsicle sticks which weren't convenient for my son to hold, or pops claiming they were all-natural but contained additives, stabilizers and binders like guar gum.


    I just wanted simple natural ingredients, whole fruit to retain the most nutritional  value, fresh ripe fruit for a bold fruit smoothie taste, and all blended into a convenient mess-free and portion-controlled tube packaging. So that's when I founded Smooth Pops along with my son, Rock, who is now our CTO - Chief Tasting Officer.

Enjoy a refreshing Smooth Pop from my kitchen to yours!

XO - Mom & Rock 

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